MCCA Medication Certification
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MCAA is now utilizing online testing for medication certification. Nurse Instructors who have questions or need assistance should call the MCAA. 1-800-942-0326

Medication Certification: MCCA provides the Mediciation Certification program to assist staff in private agencies to meet the requirements found in the residential child care regulations.

Missouri Rules and Regulations
13CSR 40-17-075 Health Care
(5) Medicine and Drugs
(A) All medication shall be prescribed by a licensed physician, and administered by a licensed nurse or staff who successfully have completed, at a minimum, the Level, Medication Aide Training Program or a certified Medication training Program, approved by the Division for children in residential care."

The MCCA medication certification training is easy to administer locally, is approved by the Missouri Children's Division to satisfy this regulation and is the only training program focusing on the medication needs of children in group care.

For questions, contact Julie Barker